Strategic business development advisory services

Once upon a time...

After leading and developing companies for 20 years in France and abroad, Patrick ARNAUD founded the company Advalum.​ To provide his expertise in business management, organic growth, international development, and external growth to shareholder executives wishing to accelerate their company's development.

Advalum, or 'add value,' thus translates the founder's desire to advise executives in accelerating their company's growth and significantly increasing its value.

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Our commitment

  • We develop our clients' business with an entrepreneurial spirit and the soul of a developer.
  • We act in the interest of the companies as if we were the shareholders.
  • We work to accelerate their growth and increase their asset value.
  • We activate all the levers of growth with an innovative approach.
  • We only commit to missions in which we believe and in accordance with our values.

Our values


Respect for others, nature and all living beings. Respect for confidentiality


Authenticity towards our customers and ourselves


Fairness in decision-making and relationships


Transparency in our communication


Humility in the way we interact


Commitment to successfully conduct our missions

Our clients DNA

  • Independent companies with a high growth potential
  • Majority shareholders and decision-makers
  • Premium positionning
  • Strong growth ambitions
  • Strong profitability and significant financing capacity
Clients Advalum


Our accomplished missions

Our mission is to act for the virtuous development of companies by accelerating their growth, creating more value and increasing assets.